There’s only one fight to make for Brock Lesnar

Dana White is teasing a Brock Lesnar return. Don’t get too excited though because anything coming out of Dana White’s mouth has to be taken with a grain of salt.

Do I think we’ll ever see Lesnar in the octagon again? No, and frankly I’m fine with that. I don’t think Lesnar really belongs in the octagon. The skill at heavyweight now is far superior to that of Lesnar’s. Plus this time around, I don’t think the Golden Snitch, Jeff Novitzky, and USADA are going to turn a blind eye and let Lesnar get away with obvious steroid use this time.

I think any of the current top 10 UFC heavyweights are able to beat a clean, non roided, old, 41 in July, Brock Lesnar.

HOWEVER, I would absolutely do bad things to see one fight with him. Brock Lesnar vs Jon Jones, no drug testing.

Obviously this could never take place in the UFC, and I’m perfectly fine with that. I think the UFC should be about finding out who has the best skill, but damnit that doesn’t mean I don’t want to see a freak show every now and then.

Oh. My. God. This just screams old Pride days. Juice these two to the fucking gills, fly them out to Japan, set up a cage in Tokyo Dome, and have them put on a show in 70,000 spectators while over a million watch on the TV.

I really do appreciate the art of fighting, but come on. Who doesn’t want to see this violent super fight showcase of two men clearly just fighting for spectacle and money?

Especially if USADA goes through with a Jon Jones suspension, this is the fight to make. I don’t know who would make it happen or how, but I’m praying to the mma gods that it does.


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