Reflection on Washington Post editorial

This post is a response to the Washington Post article ‘Shithole’ wasn’t the most offensive part of Trump’s Haiti comments.

In summary, the writer of this article believes that President Trump’s lack of “respect for the courage of women and men who have been coming here from “shithole” countries for centuries — and who have built the United States into the great nation it is today.”

This stems from a comment President Trump made last Thursday to a group of senators where he said “Why are we having all these people from shithole countries come here?Why do we need more Haitians? Take them out.”

I honestly cannot believe anybody would think this way, let alone the President of the United States. America is a country of immigrants. Who are we to turn down somebody trying to better their lives?

I appreciated the fact that the article focused on the people, not the whole country of Haiti. And focused on the second part of Trump’s comments.

Actions mean more to me that words. So while Trump’s “shithole countries” remark seems incredibly ignorant to me, it’s the second part of his comment that upsets me. “Why do we need more Haitians? Take them out.” That seems like a call for action and laws increasing immigration restrictions, which seems ridiculous to me. No one should be restricted from entering the United States based on what country they are immigrating from.

10 Local Twitter Accounts to Follow

In my opinion, twitter is at its best when it’s simply memes, vines, and jokes. However, it can be used to keep up on what’s happening around the planet and around you. So, if you’re in to that sort of thing, here are 10 twitter accounts you should follow if you live in Nebraska.

UNK – There’s no better twitter account to get a look ahead at what’s going on around campus.

Dr. Paul Plinske – UNK’s athletic director. He retweets basically every one of the official UNK Athletics’ tweets plus each individual sport along with his own two cents. If you’re a loper fan, you have to follow Dr. P.

Kearney Hub – If you care about what’s going on in Kearney outside of UNK, this is the page for you.

Lincoln Journal Star – Expanding outside of Kearney, the Lincoln star tweets out statewide new stories.

Omaha World-Herald – Another account tweeting out Nebraska state news, along with some national news.

NET Nebraska – Nebraska’s PBS and NPR Stations’ twitter account. Tweeting out weather, air times for shows/documentaries, cool photos, and interesting stories.

NTV News – Your basic news station twitter account. Focuses on central and western Nebraska, as well as ABC programming.

Kearney Police Department – Updates on crime, the city, and the occasional safety tip for citizens of Kearney. Plus, priority traffic areas are posted each month. Which means you’ll know where to drive slow.

Gov. Pete Ricketts – the current governor of Nebraska. He tweets about his opinions and what he’s up to in the capital.

Todd Gottula – As the Board Chair Kearney Area Chamber of Commerce, Gottula mostly tweets about local Kearney news and a lot about sports.

First Blog Post

Hello fellow JMC 406 classmates and anybody else who might stumble across this. Welcome to my blog, which I have titled “Rader’s Reflections and Reveries”. Unfortunately for you, you are required to follow along this semester while I struggle to put my thoughts on paper.

If you are like me and prefer most of your reading to lighthearted, you may also enjoy this blog. Even though I’m obviously not a postgrad, I still enjoy reading their website daily. I especially appreciate Johnny D’s takes and recommendations on the mundanes of everyday life.